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Allow me to introduce myself and share a glimpse into my background and journey. Originally hailing from South Florida, I made the move to Nashville in the late 90s. Starting out as a merchandise manager for numerous national touring artists, I gradually worked my way up the ladder over the past two decades. Along the way, I took on roles such as Stage Manager, Tech, Tour Manager, and Artist Management and Development.

In 2022, following the gradual recovery from the 2020 industry shutdowns, our field was among the hardest hit across all sectors worldwide. Consequently, I made the decision to set aside my crew and tour manager responsibilities. Instead, I shifted gears and ventured into the realm of entertainer coach driving. Some of the artists I drive for include the 7 Bridges Band, Clay Walker, Brent Cobb, Joe Nichols, Bailey Zimmerman, & Hank Williams Jr.


Throughout my life, I have dedicated countless years and traveled numerous miles while residing on tour buses. For over two decades, I have served as a crew member and tour manager for numerous artists. This extensive experience has provided me with a deep understanding of what it truly takes to be an exceptional and reliable driver. Having spent countless hours as a passenger on these buses, I comprehend the importance of instilling confidence in everyone on board, knowing that their driver will safely and smoothly transport them to their destination. This newfound passion for being a professional coach driver stems from my genuine love for this side of the industry.

With nearly a million miles logged in a bunk as a long-time passenger, I possess a unique insight into what it means to be both a smooth and safe driver. Unlike many of the current drivers in our industry, who primarily started their professional driving careers with semis or cattle haulers, my journey commenced within the realm of entertainer coach buses. This background sets me apart and equips me with a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in providing top-notch service.

From the famous words of 90’s Country Superstar, Clay Walker — “Drive Me Smooth Mother F*cker!”

Throughout my tenure as a professional entertainer coach driver, I have received numerous compliments regarding my unwavering commitment to smooth and safe driving. Exuding a strong sense of pride in my craft, I continuously strive to excel and provide unparalleled service. It is my sincere aspiration to earn your trust and secure your business as your next entertainer coach bus driver for your upcoming tour.

Thank you,
~John Gio